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Eric Ludwig, MCC, is an internal coach with a faith-based non-profit in Tempe, AZ. He provides on-site and remote executive, career, and transition coaching. In addition, Eric works part-time as a contract coach for BetterUp! helping his clients move forward with clarity, purpose and passion.  Eric is also a past Board Member of the Arizona Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Eric holds a bachelor’s degree from Lafayette College and a Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies from Liberty Theological Seminary.

He also has completed Biblical counseling training with the Nikanor Project, and has taken specialized training in strengths-based coaching, transition coaching and conscious business coaching.

Prior to full- time coaching, Eric was a Vice President with JPMorganChase for 16 years, managing the Global Core Network by overseeing an international, cross-cultural staff with a P&L of $30MM and a supply chain of 40 employees.

He has been married for 28 years with two young adult children.  After living his entire life in the Greater Philadelphia area, Eric moved to Tempe, AZ in 2016.

Coaching Background
I’ve received my coach training  & certification from The Christian Coach Institute, which is an approved training school by the International Coach Federation

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I have also taken Strengths Based Coaching, Transition Coaching & Mentor Coach training through  Creative Results Management

In June 2016, I became accredited by the International Coach Federation as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

In November of 2016 I qualified for and became a member of Mensa.

In July 2018 I became accredited by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

In February 2019 I began part-time contract coaching with  BetterUp! helping my corporate clients to move forward with clarity, purpose and passion. I was promoted to Fellow Coach in November 2019.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDtuEGAZpwE

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In December 2020 I became a Certified Mentor Coach through the training at CoachCachet.com 

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In 2021 I became an ICF Assessor 

In September 2022 I became  accredited by the International Coach Federation as a Master Certified Coach (MCC)



Educational Background
I hold a bachelor’s degree from Lafayette College and a Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies from Liberty Theological Seminary.

In 2017 I completed Christian counseling training with the Nikanor Project,  equipping me to bless clients in deeper ways.

Professional Background
I most recently worked for JPMorganChase for 16 years with the last 8 as the  manager of  the Global Core Network, leading a cross-cultural team.  You can read more at My LinkedIn Profile

“Ludwig 2.0”

In 2016 my wife and I left corporate America to become Life Coaches with a faith-based non-profit agency.  We are calling this vision “Ludwig 2.0.” If you’d like to learn more about our ministry,  please contact us at coachwitheric@gmail.com

What is Life Coaching?

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What is Coaching?

Whereas counseling takes someone from a place of hurt or instability moving them towards healing, Life coaching is a way of coming alongside someone who is relatively stable and helping them move forward towards greater fulfillment, get “unstuck” and become more successful and effective in life.  Life coaching involves meeting in person, over the phone or via Skype and it centers around your agenda.  I’ll be fully present with you, ask you powerful questions, offer feedback as permitted and champion your cause.

Typically I meet with clients for 1-4 sessions and we can re-evaluate after that point.
Below is a list of possible topics to be coached on.

  • Discovering and developing passions & strengths
  • Going through transition & change
  • Finding and/or changing jobs
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Finding a life purpose
  • Setting and reaching specific goals
  • Building a clearer vision for the future
  • Developing a mission statement for one’s life, business, or ministry
  • Learning to relate to people effectively
  • Finding clear values
  • Building communication skills
  • Getting unstuck,and moving forward
  • Becoming more organized
  • Learning to think and see things differently,
  • Building better teams
  • Building self-confidence
  • Learning to take responsibility
  • Finding the tools, support, and accountability to accomplish more
  • Having the ability to focus better, be more efficient, and reach goals more quickly
  • Developing a closer walk with Jesus
  • Developing leadership or other life skills

Here’s a link for more information: What is Christian Coaching?

Client Testimonies

“Coaching with Eric has been a wonderful experience.  One of the challenges of being in full-time ministry is a constant and continual ‘pouring out.’ Nearly every meeting and appointment I attend is one that I’m in charge of facilitating.  It’s been a breath of fresh air to meet with Eric and be on the receiving end. He asks great questions, helps with specific action steps, and provides faithful accountability. I’m thankful for Eric’s investment into my marriage,  family and ministry. Others will greatly benefit from Eric’s wisdom and care.”

-H.M. Campus ministry director

“In some ways, I was a challenging client because I changed the agenda for our session in the first few minutes.  But Eric was fine with that and really listened to me throughout our time together.  He made careful observations, pointing out things I didn’t even realize I said, then slowed down to ask me great questions that brought new clarity.  Our time ended with some mutually agreed upon action steps, the very thing I was hoping for as we began.”

– S.B. Ministry Area Director

“I am feeling a different peace than I have experienced yet so far on this new road. I’m so excited & ready to see where He leads us! Thank you again so much. You really helped my heart today..”

– F.K. friend

Thank you Eric,I really felt like you were right alongside me during this session and it felt amazing to have someone with me in the beginning stages of such a huge goal, and one that I’ve avoided for so long. You asked me some very powerful questions that gave me perspective on why this needs to be done. Thank you so much.  God bless you.

– T.G.  Corporate Employee

“First and foremost, my coach helped me to develop critical thinking skills and how to be discerning about the challenges placed in front of me. He allowed space for God to speak and allowed me to achieve a plan of action that lined up with the character of God.  So valuable!  I achieve a new way of approaching goals.  My coach helped me achieve a way to do this that fits my strengths, my personality and my way of learning.  I was shocked at how much follow through I achieved and how much I actually got things done!  I am able to keep my core values in mind, leaving space for God to speak and guide while setting practical action steps! Truly life changing for me and I am so grateful for this opportunity.”

– M.D. Christian worker

“Eric said something early on in our session that had a huge impact on me. He said, “this is a thing” when referring to what I’m struggling with. He brought validity to what I felt was an immature struggle. He respected what I was struggling with and that made a world of difference to me.”

– S.A. Missions worker

“Coach Eric supported my growth in several ways. Through actively listening, being focused in our time together, and understanding my situation, he was able to ask helpful questions that ultimately led to developing three action steps for me to follow through on. I found that the fact that he seemed genuine and familiar with my type of ministry to be quite helpful as well.”

– P.S. Missions worker

“I really appreciate the time spent processing job/transition ‘stuff.’  I felt it was so helpful and the way you think and communicate with clarity and kindness and organization was really great.  AND encouraging.”

-D.D Missions worker

“I’m Thankful for Eric, and I am reassured that God was in all our conversation.”

– W.T.  Social worker

“Our conversation has been really meaningful in it’s impact on how I view the day to day in the office”

– N.N. Corporate Employee

“I have been incredibly blessed by the coaching sessions with Eric”

– M.T. Youth Worker

“Thanks for the awesome coaching Eric. I feel blessed from your abundance.”

S.P. Pastor

“Coach Eric coached to the heart of the problem. He made some amazing observations between my answers and some of the other things I had said earlier in the conversation. He challenged me, asked some really deep questions, congratulated me for my previous successes, and really listened to me.  I’m walking away with two goals, and I’m excited to begin”

T.G. Graduate Student

“I appreciated that Eric didn’t judge me [and] also how he validated my feelings. He created the ‘no judgement zone’ that I needed to really think about and express how I feel openly.”
P.C. Pastor

7 Questions

As we work together, realize that I will answer the below questions with a yes!

  1. Can I trust you?
  2. Will you really hear what I’m trying to tell you?
  3. Are you genuinely interested?
  4. Will you try to connect with how I feel?
  5. Will you invest enough time to really understand?
  6. Will our conversations be kept confidential?
  7. Will you pray for me?